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Vita KombuchaTM

Kombucha is a very ancient beverage, re-ignited in recent times as people rediscover the health benefits of drinking kombucha regularly.   Our range of flavoured kombuchas are as tasty as they are healthy.  Using only the finest locally sourced ingredients our kombucha's will leave you begging for more!  Current flavors in stock include Raw, Apple, Lavender, Litchi, Guava and Hibiscus Rose.  All flavours are available right now in 300ml bottles.

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Our Stark premium mixer range is the perfect choice for your next party.   Whether you are drinking them by themselves as a soda alternative, or mixing them in your favourite cocktails - our mixer range will add a delicious addition to your bar! 

Drinks available in the Stark mixer range come in 330ml bottles and include:

Ginger Beer, Tonic Water, Litchi Soda & Soda Water

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Our Hydrade electrolyte powder is a great way to stay hydrated in India's hot and humid environments while also enjoying a refreshing and tasty beverage. 

Our Hydrade electrolyte powder currently comes in two flavours:  Orange & Lemon.   Both are made with the highest quality ingredients available and natural colourings.   Hydrade orange flavor is packed with extra vitamin C (375mg) per serve, to help support your immune system.

Both flavours come with 5 different electrolytes for rapid hydration and to help you stay hydrated and performing at your best.  Each Hydrade electrolyte tub comes with 360gm which makes 20 litres of beverage (80 x 250ml servings).

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